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Chaser Locations

While watching live storm chasing streams on Live Storm Chasing, viewers have the ability to watch storm chaser dots move accross a region as they are chasing storms. This gives the ability for the viewer to see near-real time where the storm chaser's position and feed is in respect to nearby landmarks and our radar overlay.

Watches & Warnings

In addition to chaser locations, viewers also have the ability to see the National Weather Service issued watches and warnings on the map. The alerts are visibile by polygon outlines and when the viewer clicks on the polygon they can see specific alert details - all without leaving the page.

SPC Outlooks

Storm Prediction Center outlooks are an essential part in severe weather as the outlooks are regions by which the SPC believes storms have the best chance to occur. A higher outlook area corresponds to a greater chance for severe weather to occur within the defined region.


NEXRAD radar, or Next-Generation Radar, is a network composed of 159 NWS WSR-88D radar sites. Our map displays an output from the radar called "base reflectivity" which is a measure of the concentration of precipitation suspended in the air.

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